Advanced Tab


The advanced tab allows you to control some more advanced options for Ultimate Member.

Import & export settings

This option allows you to import and export your settings incase you want to backup the plugin’s settings or are wanting to clone the settings on another site.

Stop rewriting rules on every load

Enabling this option can fix performance issues and occasional 404 errors which may occur due to theme/plugin conflicts on some hosts and WordPress installs. 

Current URL Method

This option allows you to change the URL method used in case your site has issue with default option of using server name.

Do not allow registering these roles

This option allows you to you to prevent certain user roles from ever being registered from front-end. If using this option you need to enter the role slug (seperate with commas if entering multiple roles).

Enable Time Check Security

You can turn off the time check feature that is included in UM forms if you have issues with this feature due to host/plugin or theme conflict.

Disable JS/CSS compression

By default Ultimate Member compresses all Javascript and CSS to improve the performance of your site. By compressing the JS and CSS Ultimate Member will only request 2 resources when an Ultimate Member page is loaded (Extra requests will be made on pages which include profile and cover photos). You can turn this option on if you do not want to minify the JS/CSS.

Disable nav menu settings

This option allows you to turn on the conditional logic controls that appear on nav menu items

Never load plugin JS and CSS on homepage

This option allows you to stop Ultimate Member JS/CSS from loading on your sites homepage which you can use if you do not have any of our plugins elements (e.g login form) on your homepage.

Never load plugin JS and CSS on the following pages

This option allows you to stop Ultimate Member JS/CSS from loading on pages that do not have any plugin elements on them. To exclude pages click the add new page button and paste the url or enter the page’s slug and save the changes.

Only load plugin JS and CSS on the following pages

This option allows you to only load Ultimate Member JS/CSS on pages that you enter here. All other pages and posts that are not included here will not load the plugin’s JS/CSS files.

Enable custom css tab?

If you would like to activate a custom CSS tab to appear within UM settings you can activate this here. You will need to refresh page for the custom tab to appear.

Allow tracking

This option allows you to decide whether you want us to anonymously track your site’s non-sensitive data. This allows us to gather useful information which allows us to make the plugin better. You can see what data we track here