Unique profiles for different user roles


In this document, we will explain how to display a unique profile for every role type on your site. This is useful if you wish to show different profile fields for each role. By default, all Ultimate Member roles will see the same profile when they go to the user page.

Step 1: Create your user roles

The first step is to actually create the user roles that are required for your site. Once you have done this head over to the forms page where you will see the three default forms that are pre-installed

[wp-admin> Ultimate Member> User Roles]

[wp-admin> Ultimate Member> Forms]

Step 2: Create a new profile form

The second step is to create a new profile form which you will then assign to a specific user role. On the new form page select profile form from the ‘Select Form Type’ widget. The next thing you want to do is add your desired fields to the form area. Once you have finished building the form you then need to go to the ‘Customize this form’ widget and click the button so that you are not using the global options for this form.

When you click this button a range of options will appear. The option we are interested in is directly below the button and is labeled ‘Make this profile role-specific.' You want to click on the dropdown and select the user role that you want to assign to this form. Once you have done all this you can click the create button to save the profile. The last thing you want to do is copy the shortcode.

Step 3: Add shortcode to the user page

To ensure that Ultimate Member functions correctly you must add the shortcode to the user page and not create a new page. So you want to go to the existing user page and edit it. On the user page, you will see the shortcode for the default profile form. You want to add the new shortcode to this page then update the page to save the changes. Once you have done the users with the matching role will see this profile rather than the default one. If your site has several roles you simply add every profile shortcode to the user page.

[wp-admin> Pages> Edit Page]

Step 4: Check all user roles

To make sure that everything is still working correctly after adding the shortcode to the user page you should view a profile for each user role. If any of the user’s profiles returns a page not found error this most likely means that you have not assigned that user role to a form. So you need to make sure every role type on your site is assigned to a profile form. That’s it you should now have unique profiles for each role on your site.