How to uninstall Ultimate Member?

If you want to permanently delete Ultimate Member from your site or need to start afresh with the plugin then you should uninstall Ultimate Member from your site so that the plugin is completely wiped from your install.

To uninstall Ultimate Member all you need to do is go to the installed plugins page in the admin and find Ultimate Member. Once you find Ultimate Member in your installed plugins list you should see a red link that says "uninstall". All you need to do is click this link and wait for the page to refresh. Once the page refreshes the plugin data will have been uninstall from your site.

If you wish to reinstall the plugin all you need to do is the activate plugin link again and if you wish to remove Ultimate Member plugin from your site you can click the delete link.

NOTE: The uninstall link will only appear when Ultimate Member is active on your site. If you have deactivated the plugin, you will need to activate it again before uninstalling the plugin.