Photo/image uploads not working

If you are experiencing an issue with photo/image uploads not working, then you can try some of the following things to try to fix the image upload issue:

  • Check if the Ultimate Member uploads folder has the correct permissions (see this article). Please check permissions for your "wp-content/uploads/ultimatemember" directory. You should give "read," "write," and "execute" permissions for the owner and for the group.
  • Increase the WordPress memory limit via wp-config.php file. This article shows how to do this.
  • Increase the maximum file upload size for individual file uploads. The `post_max_size` value should be greater than or equal to `upload_max_filesize` value.  (see this article)
  • Reset the uploads tab on UM settings.
  • Contact your host support and ask them if your server has GD PHP Library installed and is working
  • Make sure that 'Imagick' and 'gd' PHP extensions are enabled
  • Make sure that access to the temporary directory for uploads is not limited by the directive open_basedir
  • Contact your host support and ask them to disable mod_security.
  • Check that you are not breaking the domain origin policy (using www. version while WP is installed on the non www. site for example)

You can try these steps one by one, checking image uploads each time. If you are not sure how to check these different steps, you should contact your host support, who will be able to check these things for you.