Overriding default Ultimate Member profile templates


This guide shows you how to easily override Ultimate Member profile templates, without losing the changes due to plugin updates and such. You can create your own custom version of plugin templates and save them in your theme or child theme.


  • Requires version 1.0.39 or later
  • Your custom templates will always override the core templates if they exist

How To

  1. The first step you need is to create the following folder in your theme or child theme:/theme-folder/ultimate-member/templates/
  2. In that folder you can create your customized templates to override the core plugin templates that reside in/plugin-folder/templates/
  3. Copy the template you want to override, e.g. register.php and start making your modified version and put it in:/theme-folder/ultimate-member/templates/
  4. You can also create this folder in your theme or child theme:/theme-folder/ultimate-member/templates/profile/to override profile tab contents, the original profile templates are in:/plugin-folder/templates/profile/