How to translate plugin


Translating WordPress community #

The basic language of the Ultimate Member plugin is English. We can't provide translation to other languages.

Ultimate Member was translated to several languages by the Translating WordPress community. You may view available translations and download translation files here -

You can help translating the plugin to your language at any time. Just log in to the translation platform with your account, and suggest translations. If you want to help in managing and validating translations, please make sure to get in touch with the existing language team and follow the glossaries & style guides if the team has them.

How to translate using program "Poedit" for Windows #

Download Poedit

How to translate:

  • Open old .po file "ultimate-member-en.po" from the /wp-content/plugins/ultimate-member/languages/ directory in the Poedit program and create translation to the your language. Or you can open .po file with yours language translation if it have been created earlier
  • Edit texts
  • Save new .po and .mo files with names, that matches to your language locale, for example: “” and “ultimate-member-es_ES.po”
  • Copy new .po and .mo files to the directory /wp-content/languages/plugins/

Do the same for the UM extensions. For example: make translation files "um-activity-es_ES.po" and "" for extension "Ultimate Member - Social Activity"

How to translate using plugin "Loco Translate" #

Download Loco Translate

How to translate:

  • Go to the page [Loco Translate > Plugins > Ultimate Member]
  • Copy default English translation and create translation to the your language. Or you can open your language translation if it has been created earlier
  • Click the button "Sync"
  • Edit texts
  • Save changed translation

[Loco Translate > Plugins > Ultimate Member]

[Loco Translate > Plugins > Ultimate Member > New language]

Warning: All files inside the plugin's directory are replaced on the plugin update. That's why we recommend storing custom translation inside the /wp-content/languages/plugins/ directory.

[Loco Translate > Plugins > Ultimate Member > Edit]


All files inside the plugin's directory are replaced on the plugin update. That's why we recommend storing custom translation inside the  /wp-content/languages/plugins/  directory. You can relocate existed translation.

[Loco Translate > Plugins ;> Ultimate Member - Private Messages > Edit > Relocate]


You can sync existed translation with the original if you don't want to create a new translation.

[Loco Translate > Plugins > Ultimate Member > Edit]


You should increase option " Extracting strings: Skip PHP files larger than" if you see notice like "Warning: 2 files over 100 KB have been skipped. (Largest is 141.1 KB). Check all strings are present before saving." on sync.

[Loco Translate > Settings]

How to switch language #

How to switch language in the site's front end

You may add language switcher to the site's front end using these plugins:

How to switch language in the site's back end

Switch default language using option "Site Language" on the page "General Settings"

If something go wrong #

This is common way to translate plugins. If it doesn’t work the problem may be in the translation plugin, like WPML or similar, if it is installed at your site. Such plugins may override translations from .po and .mo files.