Controlling Content Availability for Blog Post Categories

Ultimate Member lets you apply access controls to blog post categories which allows you to quickly change the access level to all individual blog posts that have been assigned to a category.

How to set up content availability for a post category

  1. Go to Posts > Categories

  2. On this page enter the name and slug for the category
  3. Scroll down the page until you see the content availability section

    TIP: By default content availability for post categories is set to accessible by everyone. If you have made your site globally accessible to logged in users only and are wondering why logged out users can still view blog posts then you will need to apply content restriction to your post categories.

  4. If you wish to restrict access to the post category to either logged out users or logged in users you can select that option (for logged in users option you can also select specific users roles only) and then you can set a redirect URL for where to redirect users to when they try and access a post they will be redirected to that URL.
  5. Click the "Add New Category" button.
  6. Now when you create new blog posts all you have to do is assign that blog post the category and it will inherit the access level of the category.

NOTE: The category access control feature only applies the restrictions to the actual blog posts. Users will still be able to see the main category archive page which lists the posts but they will not be able to read the whole post.