Upgrade 2.1.0

Please make a full backup of your site before upgrading to version 2.1.0.

Ultimate Member v.2.1.0 supports a new type of member directories. Immediately after the update, you will see a message in the admin panel. We need to make changes to the database to correctly use the old Member Directories with the new logic.

Start the update process with the button:

If the process was successful, you will see a page with the message

Warning: If you use cache plugins or caching is configured on your server, please clear the cache. Using cached data can cause issues.

Warning: If you used custom templates for member directories (templates/members.php file), please update them using the new template in the plugin as the base. Using old template files can cause issues.

We recommend that you immediately pay attention to Member Directories settings. Please make sure your old Member Directories are left with the same settings. Visually, your old grid Member Directories should not change.
The database update addresses the following meta-fields:
1) Role (Dropdown) and Role (Radio) filter fields in the "Choose field(s) to enable in search" setting are merged to the “Role” option for "Choose filter(s) meta to enable" setting
2) All your created Member Directories will have 1 “Grid” view installed and it will be installed by default. If you need to add the “List” view, you could change the settings
3) If your search was active and the fields to search were selected, then all text filters will change to a single general search string, dropdown filters will remain filters. The list of roles that could use the search will be duplicated into the list of roles that can use the filter.
4) The default filter settings are changed to support the new UX to add them.
5) If you use the Private Messages extension, the option “Show Messages Button” has been changed for the correct logic to “Hide Messages Button”, the value after the update will be the opposite (1 = 0, 0 = 1);
6) If you use the User Tags extension, then after updating the Base Member Directory option will be installed (more information about user tags integration with member directories here). We analyze the content of the default page as Members Page in UM-> Settings-> General. The shortcode located on it will be used by default to display users by a specific tag.
If you have any questions or problems after the update, please contact support immediately to resolve the problems.