Creating Metatable for Member Directories

Ultimate Member since version 2.1.3 has the option to create and use a custom database table to improve the member directories. If you experience issues with member directory speed or use many filters that can slow down your website, we recommend enabling this feature on your website.

New database table contains important user data for searching, filtering and sorting. This improves a member directory performance, especially beneficial for highly loaded and big databases.

The custom table can be created with these steps:

1. Create a full backup of your website and database. This can be done via a control panel of your hosting provider.

2. Turn on the  Enable custom table for usermeta checkbox on wp-admin > Ultimate Member > Settings > Misc.

 3. Click on the Run button and wait for the upgrade process to finish.

This process updates the database table {$table_prefix}um_metadata created on the plugin activation and copies all users data into this table. Data in this custom table is just a copy of data stored in the default database tables {$table_prefix}users and {$table_prefix}usermeta. The plugin automatically updates data in this custom table when data in default tables are updated. 

You can update this custom table manually if you see that searching and filtering in the member directory work wrong. Just turn off this feature, save changes, then turn this feature on and run the update process.