Profile Cover Size

The cover photo uploader creates several thumbnails (smaller images) and compresses images (only for JPEG images). 

Use setting "Cover Photo Thumbnail Sizes (px)" to set thumbnails sizes for cover photos. Default thumbnails sizes:

  • 300px
  • 600px

[wp-admin > Ultimate Member > Settings > General > Uploads]

Use setting "Image Quality" to compress JPEG images. Worst quality - smaller file, best quality - bigger file. The range is from 0 to 100. Default quality is 60. Recommended quality is 90.

[wp-admin > Ultimate Member > Settings > General > Uploads]

Use setting "Profile Cover Size" to select cover photo size for the Profile page.
Use setting "Profile Cover Ratio" to select cover photo proportions for the Profile page.

[wp-admin > Ultimate Member > Settings > Appearance > Profile]

Settings "Profile Cover Size" and "Profile Cover Ratio" may be overridden for the certain profile form, use settings "Profile Cover Size" and "Profile Cover Ratio" in the panel "Customize this form".

[wp-admin > Ultimate Member > Forms > Edit Form (Profile) > Customize this form]