Sync User Data across all sites in a Multisite Network setup

In a Multi-site network setup, Ultimate Member syncs the user data from the Main site to Sub-sites and vice-versa. To make the synchronization work, you need to turn off the User Cache feature in WP-Admin > Ultimate Member > Settings > Misc > turn on the option "Disable Cache User Profile" in all sites.

To make the cover photo, profile photo, and file uploaders sync, you need to use the following PHP code snippet. It will change the path of the upload directory for site number 2 and use the default WP directory. You need to change the path to match your subsites' directory folder. In the example below, UM will use the /wp-content/uploads/ultimatemember/ path instead of /wp-content/uploads/sites/2/ultimatemember/

To register a user to subsites via UM Register form, you need the following code: