Export Personal/User Data

For Users

Ultimate member allows users to download their personal or user data for compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

To download your personal/user data, go to Account Form > Privacy Tab.

Once you click on the Privacy tab, it will show you a form, and you can easily find the download your data section.

You can request a file for your data by entering your password in the password field and clicking the request data button. 

After you click the request data button, this message will appear.

Check your email, and you will receive this message with the confirmation link. 

Once you click the link, it will take you to this message, which means you have successfully confirmed your request.

When your request has been approved or completed, you will receive a new email together with the download link of your data.

Just by clicking the link, your personal/user data will automatically download in a .zip file.

You can also download your personal/user data from the Account Form > Privacy Tab and click the Download Personal Data, and it will automatically download in a .zip file.

For Admins

Ultimate members allow site owners to export users' personal or data to comply with local laws and regulations.

When a user requests his personal/user data, you will receive a confirmation email asking for their user data privacy. In the message, you will see a. Click it to view and manage the data privacy requests.

The link will take you to the Admin Menu > Tools > Export Personal Data Page.

From the Export Personal Data Page, you will find the  Export Personal Data Page Table.

In this table, you will see all the requests sent made by the users. Within the table, you will see the column headers Requester, Status, Requested, Next Steps.

The Requester Column lists the requesters or users' emails who sent requests for their personal/user data.

When you hover your mouse on the requester's email, it will show you Download Personal Data and Complete Request

When you choose to Download Personal Data, the file will start to download.

Once downloaded, a notification message will appear.

It will be in a .zip file. 

If you choose the Complete Request, it will instantly change the status of the request as completed.

The Status column shows the list of the status of the requests. 

The Requested column is the list of when the request was made by the. 

The Next Steps column provides you with the steps or actions you can do for the requests.

When you click the Send Export Link, It will show you that it is sending an email. Allow this process to load for a few seconds as the data is compressing.

Once done, the export link will automatically send an email to the user or requester. You will know that it was successful when the following message appears "user's personal data export link was sent."

The Export Personal Data table also provides bulk actions options for easy management of the requests.

When you wish to resend confirmation requests to multiple users, select the Resend Confirmation Requests Option and select the requesters you want to resend the confirmation with by checking the checkbox. Do forget to click the Apply button.

Once done, you'll see that the status has changed to pending, and it is waiting for confirmation.

If you want to mark the requests as completed, select the option Mark requests as completed. Select the requesters you wish to complete by checking the check box. Don't forget to click the Apply button. Once done, you will see that the status changed to completed.

To delete multiple requests, select the option Delete requests. Select the requesters you want to delete by checking the checkbox. Don't forget to click the Apply button.