Install & Activate Advanced Custom Fields

Sync UM user profile fields with Advanced Custom Fields for WP-Admin > Users > Edit Profile form

Ultimate Member currently doesn't have custom field builders for User Forms in WP-admin > Users> Edit Profile. That is why you'll be needing a third-party plugin. We have found a plugin that may support some custom fields to sync with Ultimate Member form fields, the Advanced Custom Fields.

To install the Advanced Custom Fields, go to Plugins Menu > Add New > Search Advanced Custom Fields>Click Install Now.

Once installed, the button will change. Click the Activate button. After clicking "activate," it will take you to your plugins.

When it appears like the image below, it means that the plugin is activated.

Adding Field Groups

Go to Custom Fields Menu>Click Add New Button

This is now your Field Group. You can add a title for the Field Group; in this example, we used "Billing Address" as the title. You can make multiple fields under it. Click the + Add Field to create a field.

Please remember that the supported field types in Advanced Custom Fields that you can sync with UM fields are Text field, Text Area, Checkbox, Select/Drop Down, Radio Field, URL Field, and Email Fields.

Note:  Field Name should match the meta key or field name in UM Forms Field settings.

UM > Forms > Select Form Type> Edit Form> Form Builder> Edit Field

Below your fields, you'll find the Location. You can create a set of rules to determine which edit screens will use these advanced custom fields. 
Please note that Location rules must show this field group if the User Form is equal to all.

Once you have finished setting your fields, don't forget to publish/save them.

The fields you have created will now appear in the  UM User > edit profile.

To test if your fields are syncing with UM User Profile and Admin User Profile. Go to admin Users>Profile and Update the information in the field group you have made, and click update profile.

Check the user's profile in UM. If the user's information is updated with the same information you have entered, then it means that it is working well.