Default WordPress Fields Limit

Ultimate Member allows you to add or create custom fields that you can add to your forms, but you need to consider the default field limits based on the WordPress database.  If you input data that is over the limit, it will not be saved. 

The following are the default field character limits:

  • user_login - this field accepts 60 characters.
  • user_pass - this field is encrypted that accepts 255 characters.
  • user_nicename - this field is used for the friendly URL of the user's page and it accepts 50 characters.
  • user_email - this field is for the user's email it accepts 100 characters.
  • user_url - this field is where you can input the user's URL. It accepts 100 characters.
  • display_name  - this field is for the user's display name, it accepts 250 characters.

Data that have longer characters than the fields limit above, you can create another field with another meta key in the field settings under form builder.