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Blacklist Words on Registration

Blacklisting words will help identify undesirable content and block it from entering the system or your site. This setting prevents users from creating malicious usernames and avoids fraud.

To add a blacklist word, go to  WP Admin > Ultimate Member > Settings > Access > Other > see “Blacklist Words .

The default blacklist words are admin, administrator, webmaster, support, and staff. You need to separate each word by a new line or enter one word per line. See the sample below:

When a user tries to create a username and register with a blacklisted word, the user will not register, and a message will appear that the word used is not allowed.

If a user creates a username with letters in mixed cases, the user will still not register with the blocked username. A message will appear that the username entered is incorrect.

You can also use the code below to validate blacklisted words in lower case.