Displaying Member Directories


By default, Ultimate Member installs a members directory on your site on a page called members. You need to enable the default feature in wp-admin>Ultimate Member> Settings> General> Users> Enable Members Directory.

If you want to create another Member Directory on a new page and display it on your site, you need to do the following steps below:

1. Adding a New Member Directory

Go to wp-admin>Ultimate Member> Member Directories, then click on the Add New button.

Please type the name of your new member directory and set it according to your preference. To learn more about the settings of Member Directories, go to this article. Once you're done with the settings, click on the create button to save and copy the shortcode of your new member directory.

2. Creating a New Page

As mentioned above, Ultimate Member automatically creates a page for the member directory named Members. You can create multiple member directories on the member page by adding the shortcodes to the page. However, if you want to create a separate page for your new member directory, go to wp-admin>Pages. Click on the Add New button to create a new page.

Set the name of your new page and select the shortcode block to paste the shortcode of your new Member Directory. You can set the visibility or put restrictions on your page and make sure to check the settings before publishing it. 

3. Displaying the Member Directory 

When your page has been published, it will be added to the Pages. To display your member directory on your site menu, go to wp-admin>Appearance> Menus. Select the menu where you want to add the new member directory. Under the Add menu items, go to the Pages section and select your new page by clicking on the check box and clicking the Add to Menu button to add the page in the menu structure.

You can organize the items by dragging them into the order you prefer. Set who can see the menu on your site by clicking on the dropdown. Once you're done with the settings, click on the Save Menu button to save the changes.

Go to your site and check if you have successfully displayed your new member directory.