How to upgrade UM from version 1.3+ to 2.4+ & Common Issues

Notice:  We strongly recommend you make a full backup of your site before upgrading to version 2.4+.

Common Issues:

In general, this process goes without problems, but special cases happen. There can be several problems that may arise when upgrading the packages: 

  • You might encounter an issue because of your current theme. We suggest you change your theme to the default WordPress theme, such as the Twentytwenty theme, before the upgrade process in Ultimate Member. 
  • We also recommend deactivating all plugins except Ultimate Member to avoid conflict issues with the other plugins before upgrading.
  • JS or server errors (memory full, request frequency, etc.) If there were some custom parts of the code, our update scripts would have an unexpected result. There is a JS variable that allows you to set request throttling between update packages: 
	var um_request_throttle = 15000;

File path from plugins\ultimatemember\includes\admin\core\class-admin-upgrade.php

The variable can be changed in case of frequent requests, but we don't recommend manually making these upgrades

How to upgrade:

To install or update the plugin version, go to wp-admin>Plugins>Scroll down to Ultimate Member and click on the update now. You can also check the version details by clicking on the View version 2.4.0 details.

Once you click the update now, it will show that the plugin is updating, wait for a few seconds.

A message will appear once it is updated. 

 Immediately after the update, you will see a message in the admin panel. You can click the " Upgrade" in Ultimate Member below the Dashboard or the "Visit Upgrade Page" button.

It will take you to the upgrade page. You need to click on the Run button to start the update process.

The update will start to process.

If the process were successful, you would see a page with the message: "Ultimate Member 2.4.0 Successfully Upgraded"