Ultimate Member Dashboard

The dashboard page gives you an overview of the information. You can see the following:

  • Users Overview - The user's statuses and counts are displayed in this section. When you click on a user's status, it will redirect you to the Users Page.
  • Upgrade's Manual Request - You can check or get the latest UM extension updates when you click on the "Get latest versions" button.
  • User Cache - UM creates a cache every time you update or save details in the profile or register forms. Instead of retrieving each field in the database, it will only retrieve one, where all user data is saved, and it will not query again in the database to get each user meta one by one.

    The user cache will only update if:
    • You clear the user cache in the User Cache section by clicking on the "Clear Cache of n users button."
    • The user updates their profile form or account form
    Programmatically, if you update using the code:
    You need to clear the cache of the specific user:
    UM()->user()->remove_cache( $user_id );
  • Purge Temp Files - The uploaded files are saved in the temp folder. The files will move to the designated folder of the user once you submit a form. If the uploads get cancelled, the remnants of the temp files are left in the content//wpuploads/ultimatemember/temp/ folder. The Purge Temp Files clear the residue of the temp files.