I do not see some of my purchases on the My Downloads page

If you have made more than one purchase, occasionally you may not see all of your purchases on your account page.

This occurs when a different email is used when making separate purchases as our e-commerce shopping cart creates different customers for each unique email.

If this happens to you, all you need to do is contact us via our support page so we can reassign the purchase.

This doc explains how to submit a support ticket: http://docs.ultimatemember.com/article/179-how-to-create-a-support-ticket

You can select the "Billing or Account Issue" on the support submission form and then add the following info:


Some of my purchases are not showing on my downloads page



I am trying to download some of my extensions but not all of them are showing on the My Downloads page. The extensions that are showing are: LIST THE EXTENSIONS YOU CAN SEE.

The emails I may have used to make the purchases are: LIST POSSIBLE EMAILS HERE.

I think I made my purchases on the following dates: LIST POSSIBLE PURCHASE DATES HERE.