Ultimate Member Site Health


Businesses and organizations of varying sizes are progressively storing personal data on electronic devices or websites and conducting their operations through them. Ensuring the security of this information and securing it from potential threats is crucial for your business's reputation and its daily transactions. Your site can be susceptible to the influence of these hackers, also known as cyberattackers, as they pose a threat to anyone.

Therefore, it is crucial to regularly monitor the health of your website. Ultimate Member has introduced dedicated sections within WordPress Site Health, allowing you to examine and access comprehensive information regarding the configuration of Ultimate Member on your WordPress site.  You can find the Ultimate Member Section in  wp-admin>Tools>Site Health> Info.

Note: Site Health Info is important because it enables Ultimate Member Support to investigate any issues you encounter on your site and provide assistance in resolving them effectively.

Ultimate Member Sections

Ultimate Member

From the info tab, scroll down to look for Ultimate Member. Click on the dropdown arrow to view all the debug information for your Ultimate Member installation and all the settings configuration of the UM core plugin such as the following:

  • General Settings 
  • Access Settings
  • Email Settings
  • Appearance Settings
  • UM Pages
  • Misc Settings
  • Install Info
  • Override Templates
  • Secure Settings
  • User Roles

    This section displays and debug the information of Ultimate Member user roles. Select the user role you want to examine, and then expand the dropdown to access its configuration settings, which may include:

    • Administrative Permissions Setting
    • General Permissions Setting
    • Profile Access Setting
    • Homepage Option Setting
    • Registration Options Setting
    • Login Options Setting
    • Logout Options Setting
    • Delete Options Setting
    • WP Capabilities Setting

    Ultimate Member Forms

    This section displays the debug information of Ultimate Member forms and it's form IDs. 

    Under this section, you'll find the default forms and custom forms you have created. Click on the dropdown button to display all the debug information of your default or custom form.

    The possible settings and configurations that you can review are listed below:

    Registration Form Settings Profile Form Settings Login Form Settings
    • Form Shortcode
    • Form Type
    • Customize this form
    • Field Settings
    • Privacy Policy
    • Form Shortcode
    • Form Type
    • Customize this form
    • Field Settings
    • User Meta
    • Form Shortcode
    • Form Type
    • Customize this form
    • Options Setting

    Ultimate Member Directories

    In this section, you can view the debug information for your Ultimate Member directories and their respective IDs. Both default and custom member directories can be found in this section. To access all the debug information, simply click on the dropdown. 

    Below, you will find a list of Member Directories settings and possible configurations that you can examine:

    • Member Directory Shortcode
    • General Option Settings
    • Sorting Settings
    • Profile Card Settings
    • Search Options
    • Result & Pagination Settings
    • Styling: General Settings

    The information you get from the Ultimate Member Section in Site Health can be valuable when you need help from your web host or developer in case you encounter any issues. This enables you to promptly identify problems or detect any potentially hazardous activities on your website, allowing you to take swift action to enhance its security in case of any suspicious activity.  In case you come across any issues, you can navigate to the Status tab to explore suggested solutions.