Updating the Ultimate Member with a pre-release version

We are constantly working to give you the latest updates of Ultimate Member weekly. And we would like to get your support on testing the pre-release version of Ultimate Member on our public Github repository.

Before pushing the pre-release version, we recommend that you take a full backup of your site before updating especially for live sites. We suggest that you test the pre-release version in a dev environment.

Here's how you can test the pre-release version:

1. Check for pre-release version on our repository: https://github.com/ultimatemember/ultimatemember/releases

2. Download the zipped file and extract it to your localhost.

3. Rename the folder name to /ultimate-member/

4.. You can rename the old /ultimate-member/ or override it with the latest update via FTP.

If you encounter any issues with the pre-release version, you can create an issue on our github repo: https://github.com/ultimatemember/ultimatemember/issues