Social Activity: Custom templates

When you customize the features or functions directly on Ultimate Member and extension core files, you will lose your changes after UM updates. We recommend to customize templates on child theme.

  1. Here are the templates for Social Activity that you can customize.

2. To override the existing templates, create a new directory like in the example below and copy those template files in the directory:


3. You can use some of the tags available below:

{author_name} - returns the author name

{author_profile} - returns the author url ( default )

{user_name} - returns the user name

{user_profile} - returns the user profile url

{user_photo} - returns the user avatar

{post_title} - returns the title of a post

{post_url} - returns the url of a post

{post_excerpt} - returns an excerpt of a post

{post_image} - returns a featured image of a post

{price} - returns a price ( with woocommerce )