How to use Generate Dummies tool?

The Generate Dummies add-on allows you to create dummies for testing user profiles and member directories. To start adding dummies, navigate to WP-Admin > Ultimate Member > Settings > Extensions >Tools and activate "Generate dummies" tool.

Once activated, you will find the " Generate Dummies" tab under the Ultimate Member section in WP dashboard. After setting the options for your dummies, click on "Start Generating Dummies".

The generated random users and image files are from Images are not saved on server of your site.

How to remove generated dummies

To remove all the generated dummies, simply click ' Remove Generated Dummies (n)" found on the Generate Dummies tab.

If you need to remove a specific dummy user, go to the admin dashboard and click on the Users tab. Hover over the dummy user you need to remove and click on Delete.