Fields Visibility


You can manage the visibility of fields in a form. Use the field settings Visibility, Privacy to hide the field for specific modes or specific members. Use conditional logic to hide/show the field depending on the other field value.

Visibility options

  • Edit mode only - field is shown when users are editing profile on the front end. This is only applicable if the user is allowed to edit this field.
  • View mode only - field is hidden when users are editing profile. This is the default mode when a user is not allowed to edit the field.
  • View Everywhere - field is shown in both modes.

Privacy options

  • Everyone - the field is visible to everyone.
  • Members - the field is visible to logged in users.
  • Only visible to profile owner and users who can edit other member accounts
  • Only visible to profile owner and specific roles*
  • Only specific member roles*

The setting Select member roles appears if the Only visible to profile owner and specific roles or Only specific member roles option is chosen. In this setting you can choose roles that can view the field.

Warning: Fields that may be hidden by Visibility, Privacy or conditional rules must be optional (not required).

How to change the visibility of fields

To edit the visibility of a field, navigate to the wp-admin > Ultimate Member > Forms > Edit a Form. Click on the edit button of the field you want to edit.

Once the edit button is clicked, a pop-up window will appear and you can now edit or update the Visibility and Privacy of the field.