Manually updating to 2.0

To manually update your website to use 2.0 do the following: 

  1. Download UM2.0 to your computer
  2. Take a full site/database backup of your website, so that if anything goes wrong during the updating process you can restore to before the update.
  3. Install and activate this plugin (this plugin make it easy to manually update an existing plugin):
  4. Go to your wp-admin > Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin
  5. Click the choose file button and select UM2.0 from your computer, then click install now

If you prefer to update to 2.0 manually via FTP you can follow the instructions in this article by WP Beginner:

2.0 Extensions

As 2.0 includes significant changes to the code, all Ultimate Member extensions need to be updated to their 2.0 versions as well. You can download the 2.0 versions of your extensions from your account page > downloads tab on the website.

2.0 versions of extensions will appear at the bottom of the account > download tab once you have activated the license keys. If a license is marked as inactive (e.g not linked to a website) then the 2.0 version will not show. You can activate a license key from account page > license keys tab.

The 2.0 versions of the free downloads can be downloaded below:

2.0 Changelog

For Users:

  • added activation dependencies for extensions;
  • added Licenses checking and changed Licenses page;
  • added uninstall.php file for delete permanently all UM settings;
  • added ability to register users without WP Registration enabled;
  • Account page shortcodes for each tab content;
  • changed UM Option View (deprecated/added options);
  • changed UM Roles, optimized for WP native logic;
  • changed backend forms/fields to WP native styles;
  • changed Content Restriction feature for posts, taxonomies, menus;
  • changed Email Notifications settings and using templates logic;
  • deprecated Redux Framework;
  • deprecated old unusable options
  • deprecated old unusable forms metadata;
  • deprecated old unusable member directories metadata;
  • deprecated old unusable user roles metadata;
  • optimized registration/upgrade profile process (some hook deprecated);
  • optimized some code parts, deprecated some functions;
  • fixed avatars on some SSL installs;
  • fixed some vulnerabilities;
  • fixed integrations with core/extensions;
  • fixed “Edit Profile” button at members directory;
  • fixed conditional logic PHP validation and JS validation (for IE,Edge browsers);
  • updated FontAwesome library;
  • removed addons to separate extensions;

For Developers:

  • new code structure, optimized for next development;
  • created spl_autoloader for remove includes;
  • UM classes with namespaces;
  • deprecated global $ultimatemember; variable (use UM() instead);
  • new ajax handlers in separate classes (by objects);

Deprecated hooks:

  • um_new_user_registration_plain
  • um_user_registration_extra_hook
  • um_add_user_frontend
  • um_post_registration_global_hook
  • um_admin_extend_directory_options_general (was action…will be filter)
  • um_account_tab__{$tab_id}
  • um_account_display_tabs_hook
  • um_account_user_photo_hook__mobile
  • um_account_user_photo_hook
  • um_after_follow_button_profile
  • um_after_new_user_register will be “um_user_register”
  • um_user_registration
  • um_before_new_user_register
  • um_post_registration will be “um_registration_complete”
  • um_post_registration_listener
  • “um_post_registration_save” will be “um_registration_set_extra_data”
  • um_user_profile_extra_hook

UM Extensions General:

  • created Plugin Updater for getting updates and license details from Shop;
  • removed old EDD updates class;
  • added uninstall.php file for delete permanently UM extensions settings;
  • textdomain fixes;