Content Restriction until 2.2.0 version

Warning: This article is deprecated since version 2.2.0. See the latest information here.

1) First priority content restriction is individual Post "Restriction content" options. So if there is a checked post type 

and content is restricted here 

then this is first priority settings;

2) Every post can be assigned to any term of taxonomy (Tag, Category, or Custom Taxonomy), for the restriction term you need to do this

and this

So if the post, which hasn't individual restriction option is assigned to a restricted term - then we use this term's restriction options
3) There are archive pages at any WP sites (by category, by tag, and by custom taxonomies term....not by author and date). So the next priority for the content restriction is these pages. If the term has individual content restriction options, we use these options
4) The homepage can be restricted by this option

or separated options for every role

5) Categories pages have the next priority (only default WP Posts Category) by this option

6) Other pages in the last priority use Exclude URL restriction option