How To Enable Header Topbar



In UM Theme you can display  Menu, Social Links, or any text at your topbar. Follow these steps to enable the top bar in the Header:

  1. Go to Appearance > Customize > Header > Topbar Layout
  2. In the drop-down, you will find 3 options ( None, 1 Column & 2 Column )
  3. If you want to display your content in 1 column, select 1 Column
  4. Wait for the customizer section auto-reload, then you will see Column 1 Layout Dropdown
  5. You can display Text, Social Media Icons, or Menu (Header Top Menu – accessible from Appearance > Menus).
  6. If you want to display your header content in 2 Column, select 2 Column from Top bar Layout Dropdown.
  7. Click on Publish after making your changes.