Header - Logged Out

If a user is logged out then you can either display them a text or display buttons to direct them to your desired page.

Setting the Button for logged out users

  1. Go to Appearance > Customize > Header > Header – Logged Out
  2. Select either button or text from What to display to logged-out users.
  • Show Button 1 & 2
  • Show Button 1
  • Show Button 2
  • Show Text

3. If you select Button, you will be presented with the below options:

  • Button Text: Your buttons text
  • Button URL: Link of the Button
  • Button Color: Whole Button Color
  • Button Text Color: Text color of the button.
  • Button Hover Color: Button Hover background color.
  • Button Hover Text Color: Color of text when hovering over.
  • Button Border: Enable or disable button border.

4. Click on Publish to save your changes.