UM Theme Sidebars

UM Theme has 6 Sidebar areas. Means you display widgets in 6 areas. These are:

  1. Content Sidebar
  2. Profile Sidebar
  3. Footer Column 1
  4. Footer Column 2
  5. Footer Column 3
  6. Footer Column 4

How to Disable sidebar Areas

In UM Theme you can disable or enable the Sidebar areas separately. For example if you want to display sidebar in Posts but not in Pages, you can do that easily from Appearance > Customize > Content > Sidebar Management > Sidebar Location.

You can enable or disable Sidebar areas for following post types & plugin. 

  1. Single Post
  2. Pages
  3. Archive Pages
  4. Search Page
  5. Ultimate Member : Group Pages
  6. bbPress: Forum Pages
  7. bbPress: Topic Pages
  8. bbPress: Reply Pages