UM Theme Sidebars

UM, Theme has 6 Sidebar areas. This means you display widgets in 6 areas. These are:

  1. Content Sidebar
  2. Profile Sidebar
  3. Footer Column 1
  4. Footer Column 2
  5. Footer Column 3
  6. Footer Column 4

[wp-admin> Widgets]

How to Disable sidebar Areas

In UM Theme you can disable or enable the Sidebar areas separately. For example, if you want to display a sidebar in Posts but not in Pages, you can do that easily from Appearance > Customize > Content > Sidebar Management > Sidebar Location.

You can enable or disable Sidebar areas for the following post-types & plugins. 

  1. Single Post
  2. Pages
  3. Archive Pages
  4. Search Page
  5. Ultimate Member: Group Pages
  6. WooCommerce: Shop Page
  7. WooCommerce: Product Page
  8. ForumWP: Forum Pages
  9. ForumWP: Topic Pages
  10. ForumWP: Reply Pages
  11. ForumWP: Tag Pages
  12. ForumWP: Category Pages