Social Login: LinkedIn App Setup


This document provides instructions on correctly setting up a LinkedIn application so that users can log in/register via LinkedIn on your site. You will need to purchase our social login extension if you want users to log in via LinkedIn.

Notice: LinkedIn API is now offering a way for your app to authenticate members using OpenID Connect. The old LinkedIn API for Login has been deprecated. With this update, the feature "Sign In with LinkedIn using OpenID Connect" should be enabled in your LinkedIn App settings under the Product tab. To use the old LinkedIn API connection(3-legged OAuth Flow), please use the code snippet below:
add_filter( 'um_social_login_linkedin__config', 'um_social_login_linkedin_backward_compatibility__config' );
function um_social_login_linkedin_backward_compatibility__config( $config ) {
    $config['provider'] = 'LinkedIn';
    $config['scope'] = array( 'r_liteprofile', 'r_emailaddress' ); // Add 'w_member_social' in the array if you have the permission to use it.
    return $config;

Creating a new app

You need to create a LinkedIn app to allow users to log in to your site with their LinkedIn accounts. To create a new LinkedIn app, please do the following:

  • Go to the LinkedIn developer site:
  • Click the “Create App” button on the banner.
  • To correctly create the application, please fill in the application sections, which are explained below.

Create an app

  • Application Name – Enter a name for your application.
  • Company name – Select an existing company or choose a New Company. If you select the new company, you will be asked to enter a company name. 
  • Description – Enter a name for your application.
  • Business Email – Enter your email address.
  • Legal terms - Read the terms of service and check the box to confirm that you have read and agree to the terms.


Once you have clicked on the Create app button, you'll be redirected to the Products tab.

Scroll down the product list until you find Sign In with LinkedIn using OpenID Connect and click the Request Access button.

Read the terms; if you agree with the terms, click on the checkbox and proceed by clicking on the Request Access button.


Go to the Auth tab and add Redirect URLs.

OAuth 2.0 settings

In the redirects URLs, you just need to enter your site's login, register, and account's social tab URLs with /?provider=linkedin in the end e.g.:


The OAuth 2.0 scopes will appear a few seconds after you have added and updated the redirect URLs in OAuth 2.0 Settings.

Application details

If the app is successfully created, you will see the following details. You will need to copy the API Key and Secret Key and add them to the Ultimate member > Settings > Extensions > Social Login > LinkedIn Social Connect.