Groups setup


Groups extension allows users to create and join groups around shared topics, interests etc. and increase user interaction on your site. This document provides instructions on how to setup Groups extension.

Settings Page

Once you activate the Groups extension, you will see the Groups tab in Ultimate Member > Settings > Extensions. On this page, you can find the following options:

  • Turn on/off group avatars "Show group avatars"
  • Setup the number of displayed posts for the mobile/desktop view
  • Setup comments order
  • Setup number of initial comments/replies to display per post 

Adding a new group

The Groups extension will add Groups section on the Dashboard where you can add a new group or edit your group settings.

Group settings can be divided into 3 main widgets: Settings, Add new members, Manage members.

Settings section

Privacy dropdown allows you to set different privacy settings for your group e.g. Public, Private or Hidden.

"Who can invite members to the group?" dropdown allows you to select how new group members will be invited e.g.:

  • All group members can invite new members
  • Only group admins and moderators can invite new members
  • Only group admins can invite new members
Post moderation dropdown provides the option to enable/disable post moderation by admins or group moderators.

Add new members section

You can add new members to the group by searching for registered users and clicking on the "Add member" button.

Manage members section

Manage members section allows you to manage group members:
  • Change member status 
  • Assign/change member role
  • Send invite or expel members from the group

Group setting on the frontend

On the group page on the frontend  3 main section are available:

  • Discussions tab represents the main group discussion feed  
  • Members tab displays all group members
  • Send invites tab can be used to send invites to other members

Admin users or group moderators can access group settings on the frontend by clicking the "gear" icon on the right side of the group page. All group settings can be changed on the frontend by group admins or moderators.