User Notes setup


User Notes extension allows users to create notes on their profiles. This document provides instructions on setting up and using User Notes extension.

Settings Page

Once you activate the User Notes extension, you will see the User Notes tab in Ultimate Member > Settings > Extensions. On this page, you can find the following options:

  • Notes per page - choose the number of notes per page.
  • Thumbnail image size - the size of the thumbnail image in pixels.
  • Excerpt length - excerpt length.
  • Read more text - change the text of the "Read more" button.
  • Load more text - change the text of the "Load more" button.

Adding a new note

The User Notes extension will add the Notes tab on the user profile where users can add notes to their profile.

Adding a new note can be done by clicking on the "Add note" button.

The users can upload a note's image, set a note title, and add some text on the Add note dialog.

Also, there is possible to set the note's privacy and status (Published or Draft). Draft notes are visible only for the note's author. And you could select these privacy options:

  • Only me - your own note, visible only for you.
  • Everyone - it's a public note visible for all users/guests.
  • Friends - it's a note visible to you and your friends.

User notes can be edited or deleted in the "Read More" modal window.

By default, the user notes feature is enabled to use by all user roles at your website. You could disable it for selected roles in the User Role settings screen:

Also, there is possible to set the "Notes" profile tab settings in Ultimate Member > Settings > Appearance > Profile Menu.