Unsplash setup


This document provides instructions on setting up the Ultimate member Unsplash extension so users can set beautiful profile cover images directly from Unsplash.

Go to WP Plugins and activate UM Unsplash extension.

Unsplash key and app name are supplied from the Ultimate member server. You will only need to add a valid UM Unsplash extension or extension pass license.

You have to copy your UM Unsplash Extension License Key and add it to the Ultimate member > Settings > Licenses> Unsplash License Key field and click the " Activate" button.

Note: If you have an expired or invalid license, the server will not return the app name or key.


Once the plugin is activated, Unsplash tab is added in [Ultimate Member > Settings > Extensions].

  • No. of photos to display - set the number of images to display in the user profile cover photo.
  • Default keyword -the default word searched in the cover photo.

Selecting Image from Unsplash

Now your users can set beautiful images from the Unsplash image database as a profile cover image.

Click the " +" icon button and select from Unsplash.

Choose your preferred cover photo and click on apply button.