Private content setup


The Private content extension provides logged in users with content that only they can access and view. Private content can be added or edited by the website admins. This document provides instructions on how to setup Private content extension.

This extension displays unique content for each member. We recommend using the extension "Ultimate Member - Profile tabs" if you want to create a profile tab that displays common content for all members.


Settings #

Extension's settings #

Once you activate the Private content extension, you will see the tab "Private content" on the page [Ultimate Member > Settings > Extensions]. On this page, you can find the following options:

  • Generate pages - this option generates a private content section for all existing users.
  • Private Content Tab Title - change the title of the tab in the user profile menu.
  • Private Content Tab Icon - change the icon of the tab in the user profile menu.
  • Predefined content template - Use this setting if you want to create similar private content for all users. This template is used as a pattern in the Private Content editor. The extension does not apply the predefined content template automatically. Administrator has to edit and save the content for each member manually.

Profile Menu settings #

The extension adds a setting to the page [Ultimate Member > Settings > Appearance > Profile Menu]. This setting allow you to manage the "Private Content" item in the profile menu:

  • Private Content Tab – Allows to enable/disable "Private Content" item in the Profile menu

Note: The profile tab "Private Content" is visible for the profile owner and administrators. Other members can't see this content. The tab displays unique content for each member. The tab is hidden if there is no content for the current member.

Adding private content #

Administrators and user roles with admin rights can add private content to any user on the site.

The private content page can be accessed via the [Users > All Users] section by clicking on the link "Private Content" under the user name.

The private content page supports the standard WordPress editor and can be used for media or text.

On the profile page, the private content can be found under the tab Private Content.

Shortcode #


This shortcode can be used to add a private content to an existing page or post.