ForumWP Setup


This document provides instructions on how to use the ForumWP extension on your site and how it integrates with Ultimate Member.

ForumWP  Extension

When the plugin is activated, there will be a new tab called "Forums" in the WP Menu.

ForumWP Profile

The default ForumWP profile is removed with this extension and the ForumWP stats for each user are moved to the Ultimate Member profile under a new profile tab called “ Forums”. 

Ultimate Member > Settings > Appearance > Profile Menu > Forums Tab

The profile forum tab can show five sub-tabs: Topics Started, Replies Created, Likes, Bookmarks, and Subscriptions.

Subscriptions, Likes, and Bookmarks will only show if you have activated these in ForumWP.
To activate go to  Forums > Settings > Modules.

  • Users can unsubscribe and unlike topics/replies directly from their profile
  • The extension will also redirect all links on the forums from the default ForumWP profile to the Ultimate Member profile.

Note: These pro modules are only available when ForumWP: Pro plugin is activated

User Roles

With the extension, you can apply for permissions on a user role basis. Go to wp-admin> Ultimate Member> User Roles> Edit a role and go to the ForumWP Permissions widget to apply permissions to a role. 

Scroll down to the ForumWP section. In this widget, you can set the following:

  • Disable forums tab – This option allows you to disable the forums tab for certain user roles.
  • Disable create new topics – This option allows you to decide whether a user role can create new topics or not.
  • Disable create new replies – This option allows you to decide whether a user role can create new replies or not.

Forum writing permissions

The extension allows you to apply posting restrictions to individual forums. You can restrict which user roles can create new topics or replies on a per forum basis. To apply restrictions to a forum edit the desired forum and you will see a widget called: “UM permissions”. On this widget, you can choose which roles can create new topics in this forum and which roles can create new replies in this forum.

Go to Forums > Select your desired forum > Click Edit.

It will redirect you to a page where you can find the Forum Settings on the side panel.

Scroll down to the UM Permissions.

Blocking access to a forum

You can use the access control widget to stop certain people/roles from even viewing the forum. To do this just turn on access control for forum and topic CPTs and decide who can view the forum. You can then set a redirect URL to the main forums page or any other URL or you can leave the URL field blank.