Social Login - Sync Social Register form fields with Extend option

To see the full list of Sync Field options, please see this documentation.

Sync register fields with custom data on the social authentication process

Modify the field value on the social authentication process before the final submission with the filter hook below:

Filter Hook:  um_social_profile__custom_data_{$field_meta_key} 

- $sso_value  string   default value
- $profile    object   response object from Social Network API callback
- $form_id    integer  current Social Form ID
- $fields     array    field settings


 * Modify followers count before submission
add_filter("um_social_profile__custom_data_followers_status","um_sso_field_value_followers_status", 10, 4 );
function um_sso_field_value_followers_status( $sso_value, $profile, $form_id, $fields  ){
  $sso_value = $profile->data['followed_by'] + 5000; 
  return $sso_value;