How to edit a user's profile page & fill out empty fields

If users did not fill out all the fields in their profile, an admin or editor can edit the user's profile and complete the information of the empty fields through UM User Profile page. 

To edit their profile, go to wp-admin>Users. Hover your mouse over the user and click on view profile.

You can also use the profile link  {siteurl}/user/username to view the user's profile page. See the example image below:

Once you're in the user's profile, click the gear icon to view the settings menu and click on edit profile.

You can now fill out the empty fields, edit or add information to the user's profile page. 

Click on the Update Profile button to save changes.

If there are no fields in the Profile form, you can add fields via UM Form Builder. Go to WP Admin > Ultimate Member > Forms > Edit a Profile Form. This article will help you on how to add fields in a form. Make sure to enter or add ALL  the fields that you want to display. This will allow you to view and edit from the "View Profile" menu in the "Users" section.

On the right sidebar of the Profile Form, you will see a " Customize this form" menu. You need to do the following:

  • Apply custom settings to this form – Select YES from the dropdown.
  • Make this profile form role-specific – Select all USER roles that apply.
  • Click on the Update button to save changes.

If you don't select all roles that Apply, not even you as the Admin will be able to view or edit User profiles from the backend in the "Users" section under "View Profile."