User Browser Detect


User Browser Detects User's IP Address, Operating Systems, and Browsers. You can find the instructions on how to set up the User Browser Detect plugin in this document. For the plugin installation guide, you can read it here.


Add 3 Predefined fields in the UM Form Builder to capture User Agents and IP Addresses. Go to wp-admin> Ultimate Member> Forms> Edit Registration Form.

Click on the plus '+' sign button to add a field. Select the following predefined fields from the field manager: 

  • User IP Address
  • User Operating System
  • User Web Browser

After adding the fields, click on the Update button to save changes.

Once a user registers on your site, the browser's header will be recorded. To view the user's browser information, go to   WP Admin > Users. Hover your mouse over the user and click Info.

F The Review Registration Details window will appear, you can now see the user's IP Address, Operating System, and Web Browser.