User Browser Detect


The User Browser Detects extension efficiently identifies and captures essential user information, including IP addresses, operating systems, and browsers. This functionality provides valuable insights into the user's online environment, aiding in a more informed and personalized user experience.


  1. Navigate to wp-admin > Ultimate Member > Forms > Edit Registration Form.
  2. Click on the plus '+' sign button to add a new field.
  3. In the Field Manager, select the following predefined fields:
    1. User IP Address 
    2. User Operating System 
    3. User Web Browser

By incorporating these predefined fields, you empower your form to capture essential information such as the user's IP address, operating system, and web browser, providing valuable insights for a more comprehensive user profile.

After adding the fields, ensure to click on the "Update" button. This action saves the changes and ensures that the new fields are integrated into your registration form.

After a user registers on your site, the browser's header information will be recorded. To access and view this data, follow these steps:

  1. Go to WP Admin > Users.
  2. Hover your mouse over the specific user for whom you want to view browser information.
  3. Click on "Info"

This will provide you with detailed insights into the user's browser information, allowing you to access and review the recorded data effortlessly

Upon accessing the "Review Registration Details" window, you'll have visibility into crucial user information. Here, you can seamlessly observe and analyze the user's IP Address, Operating System, and Web Browser, providing you with a comprehensive overview of their registration details. This added layer of information enhances your understanding of user interactions on your site.