Generate Dummies


The Generate Dummies plugin offers a convenient solution for users looking to streamline the testing and development process. With this plugin, users can easily generate simulated or dummy accounts within the Ultimate Member framework. This tool is especially useful for testing and development purposes, allowing website administrators and developers to generate dummy accounts systematically. By simulating user interactions, the plugin assists in evaluating and fine-tuning the functionality of the Ultimate Member plugin before deploying it to a live audience. This feature-rich extension simplifies the testing process, ensuring a smoother and more reliable user experience.

Generate Dummies Tab 

Upon activating the plugin, a new tab, "Generate Dummies," is added to the Ultimate Member Menu. Navigate to wp-admin > Ultimate Member > Generate Dummies.


Customize dummy accounts in the Generate Dummies Settings:

  • How many dummies?: Set the number of dummies you want to generate.
  • Available Nationalities: Choose from various nationalities for the generated dummies.
    • (AU, BR, CA, CH, DE, DK, ES, FI, FR, GB, IE, IR, NL, NZ, TR, US)
  • Gender: Specify the gender of the dummies (male, female, or both).
  • Generate Random Colored Cover Photos: Enable dummies' profiles to have randomly colored cover photos.
  • Notification: Disable email notifications to admins when dummies are generated.
  • Account Email Pattern: Set email patterns for dummy accounts.
  • Account Passwords: Set passwords for dummy accounts.

After configuring settings, click "Start Generating Dummies" to create them. Use "Remove Generated Dummies" to clear generated dummies.

Clear User Cache

Go to  wp-admin > Ultimate Member > Dashboard > User Cache. You need to clear the user cache to refresh data; this is needed if the generated dummies' profiles and cover photos do not appear. Once you click the clear cache button, a confirmation message will indicate that the cache has been removed.

Check the generated dummies in  wp-admin > Users. Hover over a dummy user and click "View Profile" to see the dummy account's profile.