Generate Dummies


This plugin enables you to generate dummy accounts in Ultimate Member. To install this plugin, you can read the guide here.

Generate Dummies Tab

A new tab will be added in the Ultimate Member Menu when the plugin is activated. Go to wp-admin> Ultimate Member> Generate Dummies.


You can customize the dummies accounts in the Generate Dummies Settings.

  • How many dummies? - Set the number of dummies you want to generate.
  • Available Nationalities:  (AU, BR, CA, CH, DE, DK, ES, FI, FR, GB, IE, IR, NL, NZ, TR, US) - The nationalities of the dummies you want to generate. 
  • Gender: Male, Female, Both - Set the gender of the dummies.
  • Generate Random Colored Cover photos - If you enable this setting, the dummies' profiles will have random colored cover photos.
  • Notification - Disable email notification to admins when dummies are generated.
  • Account Email pattern - Set the email patterns of the dummy accounts.
  • Account Passwords - Set the dummy accounts password. 

Once you have set your settings, click the "Start Generating Dummies" button from the Actions to Generate the dummies. Click the "Remove Generated Dummies" button to remove the generated dummies. 

Clear User Cache

Go to  wp-admin>Ultimate Member> Dashboard> User Cache

You need to clear the user cache so that the data refreshes and the generated dummies profile and cover photos appear.

A message will appear that the cache was removed.

You can now check the generated dummies in wp-admin> Users

To view the profile of the dummy account, hover your mouse over the generated dummy user and click on  View Profile.