Regenerate Cover & Profile Photo thumbnails


The Ultimate Member Regenerate Thumbnails plugin simplifies the process of regenerating profile photos and cover photos by utilizing the original uploaded image files. UM retains the original cover/photo image and employs it to generate thumbnails, providing a practical solution for situations where custom image sizes are needed. This is particularly useful when creating a personalized profile or member directory template that requires diverse image dimensions, offering flexibility and ease in adapting your site to specific design requirements. For the installation guide, go to this article.

Upon activation of the plugin, you'll find a convenient addition to the Ultimate Member menu tab—the "Regenerate Thumbnails" option. This streamlined accessibility allows users to initiate thumbnail regeneration directly from the Ultimate Member menu.

For thumbnail customization, navigate to:

  1. Thumbnail Size Settings:
    • Location: WP-Admin > Ultimate Member > Settings > General > Uploads
    • Configure the default thumbnail sizes.
  2. Regenerate Thumbnail Settings:
    • Location: wp-admin > Ultimate Member > Regenerate Thumbnails
    • Adjust:
      • Width: Set the width of the photo thumbnail.
      • Height: Set the height of the photo thumbnail.
      • Image Quality: Set the image quality.
    • Click the "Regenerate Profile Photo Thumbnails" button to resize profile photos or "Regenerate Cover Photo Thumbnails" button for cover photos.
  3. After Regeneration:
    • The file location of the regenerated thumbnail will appear.
    • Easily copy and paste it into your file explorer for quick access.