Regenerate Cover & Profile Photo thumbnails


The UM Regenerate Thumbnails plugin allows you to regenerate thumbnails of profile photos and cover photos based on the original uploaded image files. UM saves the original cover/photo image and uses it to generate thumbnails. It is good to use if you are trying to create a custom profile/member directory template that requires different image sizes. You can read the plugin installation guide here.

Once the plugin is activated, Regenerate Thumbnails will be added to the Ultimate Member menu tab. 


The thumbnail sizes are set in WP-Admin > Ultimate Member > Settings > General > Uploads

In the Regenerate thumbnail settings, you can set the specific width and height of the thumbnail. Go to wp-admin> Ultimate Member> Regenerate Thumbnails. 

  • Width - Set the width of the photo thumbnail
  • Height- Set the height of the photo thumbnail
  • Image Quality - Set the image quality

Click on the  Regenerate Profile Photo Thumbnails button if you want to resize the profile photo, and then click on the Regenerate Cover Photo Thumbnails button if you're going to resize the cover photo.

Once regenerated, the file location of the thumbnail will appear.

You can copy and paste it into your file explorer to locate it quickly.