Online Users - Profile Page & Member Directory Setup


This document provides instructions for setting up the Online Users plugin on the user's profile page and Member Directory using Ultimate Member. This extension enables the display of a user's online status and last login information on their profile page, along with a green circle indicator next to their name to signify their online status. Users can also enable or disable their online status using this extension.

Setup in Profile Page

  1. Navigate to wp-admin > Ultimate Member > Forms > Add or Edit a Profile Form.

  2. Click on the plus "+" sign button to add a new field to the form builder.

  3. In the Fields Manager window, select "Online Status" from the predefined fields.

  4. Navigate to the User Meta section and add a new field by clicking the "Add New Field" button. From the drop-down menu, select "Online Status."
  5. Cick on the "Update" or "Save Changes" button to save the changes to the profile form.

  6. You can now see the green circle next to the user's profile name and the online status in field indicating their online status, on the profile page.

Privacy Setup

Users can manage their online status privacy settings from the privacy tab on their account page.

Setup in Member Directory

  1. To configure the display options for online status in the member directory, navigate to wp-admin > Ultimate Member > Settings > Extensions > Online
  2. To enable the display of online status in the member directory, check the box labeled "Show online stats in member directory." 
  3. After checking the box, save the changes to apply the settings.

  4. You can now observe a green circle adjacent to the user's profile photo within their profile card in the Member Directory, signifying their online status.