User Locations - Shortcodes


This document provides instructions on how to use the shortcode of the extension User Locations.

Ultimate Member uses WordPress shortcodes to allow users to perform specific actions and display forms and templates. You may use shortcodes on the page.



Parameters ( attributes ):

  • limit - The number of user locations shown on the google map. The default limit is 10.
  • height - You can set the vertical measurement of the map. The default height is 300.
  • zoom - You can set the value of the zoom parameter. The default zoom is 10.
  • lat - You can set the latitude coordinate. The default is 10.
  • lan - You can set the longitude coordinate. The default is 10.
  • marker_type the marker or the pin used on the map.
    •  marker_type attributes:
      • classic  - classic red pin;
      • role - icon from user role settings.


[um_user_locations_map limit="20" zoom="15" lat="15" lan="15" height="400" marker_type="classic"]