UM in Multisite

This article describes the features of using the Ultimate Member plugin on a WordPress multisite installation.

Installation and activation

Plugins are installed for the entire network. There are two ways of plugin activation: network activation and single-site activation. Use network activation for the core plugin Ultimate Member. Use single-site activation for extensions.

Image - Network activation

Image - Single-site activation

Pages and forms

You have to create required pages (User, Account, Registration, Login, Password Reset, Logout, Member Directory) for each site.

Image - Create pages

The plugin creates pages and forms for each site. You may configure different fields, captions and styles for different sites.

Image - Different pages and forms


Once users are registered on any site, their login credentials may be used to login on other sites of the network.

Profile and data syncing 

Users can view their profiles on any site. Users can edit their profiles on the site they used for registration. You may add existing users from the network to the certain site to let them edit their profiles on the certain site.

Image - Add existing user

Changes on the one site will be synced across all sites, except images (cover photo, profile photo, etc.) that are individual for each site. You may use solution described here to make the cover photo, profile photo, and file uploaders sync.

Image - Profiles