Adding existing fields from Register form to Profile form

When users input information into the fields of the Registration form during the registration process, it becomes essential to seamlessly display and edit this data in the Profile form. To achieve this integration, simply include the same fields in both forms.

Note: Ultimate Member does not add fields to the wp-admin > Users > Profile screen.

Example Implementation: 

In the example below, First Name and Last Name predefined fieldsand a custom field titled Position are integrated into both the Registration and Profile forms. This process is extendable to other fields as needed. If you've created a custom field in your registration form, there's no necessity to replicate or create it in the profile form. Locate your custom fields conveniently in the "Custom Fields" section of the "Fields Manager."

Fields in the Registration form

In this example, the pre-defined fields  First Name, Last Name, and Position(custom) fields have been added to the registration form

Upon registration, users will input their first name, last name, and their work position, and this data will be securely saved. Subsequently, you can effortlessly showcase and modify this information in the profile form.

Fields in the Profile form

Go to wp-admin > Ultimate Member > Forms, edit the Profile form, and add the First Name and Last Name fields in the Form Builder section. For any custom fields you have created, locate them in the "Custom Fields" section within the Fields Manager under Predefined Fields.

 Finally, click the Update button to save your changes.

The user's first name, last name, and work position will be displayed in their profile. If the fields are configured as editable, users can modify the information directly within their profiles by clicking on the gear icon> edit profile.