How to convert Text Box field to Textarea field?

Ultimate Member provides a variety of fields to offer options for your needs. You can choose from these field types: Text Box, Text Area, Dropdown, Multiselect, etc. You can learn more in this article

For instance, you have used the Text Box field for the user's "about me" section. The Text Box field allows adding a standard single-line text box to your forms. So when the user edits their profile, this is how it will look like:

The field is only one line wide, making it very complex to write or read the text because you cannot see the whole sentence or paragraph entered in the field. So it is best to change your field to a  Textarea field. The Textarea field allows you to add a multi-line text area to your forms where users can enter custom text.  

However, what if the users already have entered data in the field?

You can still convert your Text box to a Textarea field and keep the user-entered data for display in the Textarea.

The followings steps below will show how to convert the Text box field to the Textarea field:

1. Make a database backup
2. Go to wp-admin>Ultimate Member> Forms> Edit Form>Edit Textbox Field

3. Change the Title to DELETE and Update the textbox field

4. Delete the textbox field by clicking on the trashcan button

5. Update the Form

7. Scroll down in the modal to " Custom Fields, " delete the textbox field's meta_key with Title DELETE, and click the red X-dot.

8. Confirm deletion with OK (Ignore if you get an Ajax error)

9. Update the Form
10. Create a new Textarea field and use the same meta_key as in the old textbox

14. Enter the Title, Label, etc., for your new Textarea and add the field to the Form

16. Update the Form
Once updated, you can view your form and find a Textarea displaying the old Text Box text.