User Notes Shortcodes


This article describes how to utilize the shortcode in the extension User Notes. The user notes shortcodes display the add note form as well as the notes created by the current login user.



A form to add a new note is displayed by this shortcode.


This shortcode displays notes that have been created by the currently logged-in user.


Key Type   Default Description
user_id integer Current profile ID (on profile page)
or current logged-in user ID
The user ID.

[um_user_notes_single_view note_id=”{int}”]

This shortcode displays a specific note. You can find the Note ID in the notes grid on the user profile tab. They are visible only to the administrator or the notes author currently logged in.


Key Type   Default Description
note_id integer note ID on the user profile tab Notes in view notes subtab

The specific note ID.

Sample usage: