Profile Completeness Setup


This document provides instructions on how to set up the Profile Completeness extension.

Profile completeness is done on a user role basis, so you will not find a tab for this extension in UM settings.

User Roles #

Go to wp-admin > Ultimate Member > User Roles > Edit Role and select "Yes" in the "Enable profile completeness" setting in the "Profile Completeness" box to enable this feature for a role. Profile completeness options appear once the feature is enabled. 

Setup fields which you want to use to calculate profile completeness. Configure additional options if needed. Click the "Update Role" button to save changes once fields and additional options are configured. 

Profile completeness options:

  • Enable profile completeness - Turn on/off profile completeness features for this role.
  • Percentage (%) required for completion - Consider the profile complete when the user completes (%) by filling profile information.
  • Setup Fields - fields which are used to calculate the profile completeness.
  • Upgrade to role automatically when profile is completed - If the profile is filled in more percent than set in the "Percentage (%) required for completion" option, then the role will be changed.
  • Require profile to be complete to browse the site? - Prevent users from browsing the site if their profile is not completed.
    • Allowed pages - Optional. Comma separated list of pages (use page ID), that don't depend on the "Require profile to be complete to browse the site" option.
    • Redirect no-completed user - Optional. Where to redirect a user if the profile is not completed.
      • Redirect URL no-completed user - Optional. Redirect a user to the custom URL if the profile is not completed.
  • Require profile to be complete to browse user profiles? - Prevent users from browsing other profiles if their profile is not completed.
  • Require profile to be complete to leave a comment? - Prevent users from leaving comments if their profile is not completed.
  • Enable email reminder? - Enable the email notification reminder about a need for profile completeness.
    • Email notification period (days) - Optional. A period to send the email notification reminder.

Image - A box "Profile Completeness" on  wp-admin > Ultimate Member > User Roles > Edit Role.

Display the profile completeness #

You can use the User Meta profile tool, widgets and shortcodes to display the profile completeness elements where you need.

Note: The profile completeness elements are visible to users if they have not completed their profile. The profile completeness elements are not visible to users who have already completed their profile.

Displaying on profile #

You can display Profile completeness bar within the profile either by adding the field to the profile form or selecting the profile completeness bar in the user meta section of profile.

User Meta #

To add the profile completeness bar below the user's name, go to Ultimate Member > Forms > Edit Form (profile), find the box User Meta. Click on the Add New Field button and select Profile Completeness. Click on Update to save changes.

Widgets #

The profile completeness extension provides two widgets: 

  • Ultimate Member - Complete your Profile
  • Ultimate Member - Profile Progress Bar

To add the widgets, go to wp-admin > Appearance > Widgets, click "add block", search for a widget, drag and drop a widget to the sidebar or footer.

Shortcodes #

You can use the following shortcodes to display the profile completeness anywhere on your site.

  • [ultimatemember_profile_completeness] - displays the profile completeness widget
  • [ultimatemember_profile_progress_bar] - displays the profile completeness bar

Display completed profiles in the members directory #

Use settings "Only show members who have completed their profile" and "Required completeness (%)" in the box "General Options" to display completed profiles only. 

[wp-admin > Ultimate Member Member Directories > Edit Member Directory]