Ultimate Member Short Tags for SEO title and menu titles

This documentation provides a list of available short tags you can use to help you with SEO title and menu titles.

Ultimate Member has a tool that adds SEO meta tags to the User page. This tool is enabled by default. You can use the "Avoid indexing profile by search engines" setting on wp-admin > Ultimate Member > Settings > General > Users to disable this tool and protect profiles from indexing by search engines.

The tool uses a pattern in the "User profile title" setting to generate the title meta tag. The tool uses a pattern in the "User Profile Dynamic Meta Description" setting to generate the description meta tag. You can use short tags in these patterns.

Available short tags:

  • {display_name}
  • {first_name}
  • {last_name}
  • {gender}
  • {username}
  • {email}
  • {password}
  • {site_name}
  • {site_url}
  • {admin_email}
  • {user_avatar_url}

Image - Screen wp-admin > Ultimate Member > Settings > Misc.