Misc Tab


The Misc tab allows you to set the title and meta description for the user’s page. This allows for the page title and meta description to change dynamically for each user on your site.

User profile title

This option allows you to set the page title for the user page

User Profile Dynamic Meta Description

This option allows you to set the meta description for the user page.

Disable Cache User Profile 

This option allows you to disable the Ultimate Member user's cache.

Enable Gutenberg Blocks 

This option allows you to use Ultimate Member blocks in Gutenberg editor.

REST API version 

This option allows you to choose the REST API version.

Disable pre-queries for restriction content logic (advanced)

This option allows you to remove pre-queries callbacks for restriction content. It is not recommended if you are a new customer or do not want search robots to detect the restricted content or structure. It may be useful for old customers and backward compatibility when it's necessary to show content instead of 404 error.

Remove Data on Uninstall?

When the box is checked, Ultimate Member will completely remove all of its data when the plugin/ extension is deleted. 

This option can reset all your Ultimate Member settings. You can uninstall Ultimate Member and wipe out all the settings with the checked option “Remove Data on Uninstall?” You must make the option checked in WP-Admin > Ultimate Member > Settings > Misc before you uninstall it in the WP Admin > Plugins.