Ultimate Member - myCRED Extension


myCRED is an adaptive points management system that lets you award/charge your users for interacting with your WordPress-powered website. This document provides instructions on how to integrate myCRED with Ultimate Member using the myCRED extension.

Note: You have to install and activate plugins myCRED and Ultimate Member before activating the extension.


Settings #

Main extension's settings are placed on the page [Ultimate Member > Settings > Extensions > myCRED]

  • Account Tab - Show or hide an account tab "My Points" that shows the user's balance
  • Show user affiliate link in account page - Show or hide My Referral Link in the Account page. Note: Requires the "Points for referrals" hook to be enabled.
  • Choose point types to show in account page - Select what point types you want to see and manage in the "My points tab." You should choose at least one point type.
  • Width/height of badge in pixels - Badges appearing in the profile tab
  • Show user badges in profile header?
  • Show user badges in Member Directories?

Transferring Points #

Go to [Ultimate Member > User Roles > Edit Role] and find the myCRED section to enable point transfer.

Once the option "Can transfer points to other members?" is enabled, you'll see the "Transfer Balance" section in the "My Points" tab under the Account page.

Referral Link #

My Referral Link is shown in the "My Points" tab under the Account page if the "Points for referrals" hook is enabled. You can manage hooks at the page [WP>Points > Hooks].

The referral link can be shown or hidden by setting [WPadmin> UM> Settings> Extention> myCred]

Once the setting is enabled, you'll see the "My Referral Link" link in the "My Points" tab under the Account page

Show Badges in User Header #

myCRED has the add-on "Badges" that gives your users badges on their interaction on your website.

Once you have activated the Badges add-on, you can now add Badges in the admin page [wp-admin> myCRED > Badges]

Badges can be displayed in user profile headers. Simply enable the 'Show user badges in profile header? ' option in the [Ultimate Member > Settings > Extensions > myCRED]

User Ranking #

myCRED also offers users ranking based on their total accumulated- or their current balance. To reward your users with total or current points-based ranks, you need to activate the "Ranks" add-on via the admin page [WPadmin> myCRED > Add-ons]

Once the add-on is activated, navigate to the [WP Admin> Points > Settings] page and click on the "Ranks" title in the list. Set what features you want to enable for each rank. Click on 'Update Settings' to save changes.

To specify the minimum and maximum points to reach a specific rank and upload the rank logo, go to the page [WP admin> Points > Ranks]. Click the Edit link under the particular rank you want to modify.

Display Balance, Progress, or Rank in Profile header #

The extension adds field types "myCRED Progress" and "myCRED Rank." These fields can be added to the member's directory's profile form, profile header, and member's card.

To display rank, progress, or balance on the profile field, you need to select 'myCRED Rank,' 'myCRED Progress,' or 'myCRED Balance' in the user meta widget on the admin page [Ultimate Member > Forms >  Profile Form].

Limit the number of rewards/charges on specific action #

You can manage which particular actions are rewarded or charged by adding the hook on the admin page [Points> Hooks]. Once a specific hook is added, you can limit the points to be rewarded or charged in total, per week, month, or year, or there is no limit at all.

Notifications #

The add-on "Notifications" displays pop-up notifications to inform the users when they have earned/spent, or lost points on your website. To activate this add-on, please navigate to the admin page [myCRED > Add-ons] and click on the "Activate" button under the "Notifications."

To customize the notification styling and template, go to the admin page [wp-admin>myCRED > General Settings > Notifications]. You can also set the number of days a user's notification is saved before being automatically deleted or the 'Transient Lifespan' and the duration of the notification after being shown to the user.

The users are notified, showing the amount they gained or lost on their page.

Email Notifications #

Aside from Notification pop-ups, myCRED also offers you an email confirmation when a user pays using points or when they gain or lose points. To add this to your website, you need to activate the "Email Notifications" add-on via the admin page [myCRED > Add-ons]

Once the add-on is activated, the "Email Notifications" link appears in the myCred menu [wp-admin>myCred>Email Notifications]. This is where you can add new notices.

For instructions on establishing a new email notification, see the article "Creating Notifications." Here's an example:
Go to the admin page to edit the email format and settings [myCRED > Email notifications]. Don't forget to click on 'Update' or 'Publish' to save changes.